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Unmasking anger: Postpartum depression in men.

Depression is often associated with sadness and a feeling of emptiness. During the postpartum period, depression usually manifests as irritability, anger, and frustration.

You might find yourself easily agitated, having difficulty controlling your temper and strongly reacting to seemingly small stressors. This brings shame as you’re unsure how to manage your emotions. Your fatigue due to a lack of sleep and change in appetite further contributes to your irritability. 

Our therapy sessions can provide a non-judgmental space to explore the roots of your anger, identify triggers, and develop realistic coping strategies. The goal is not to eliminate anger. Anger is an important emotion that clues us about something that needs to change in your environment. What we can do is find healthy ways to express and act upon the anger you feel. 

Acknowledging your feelings is essential to strengthening your relationship with your partner, bonding with your baby, and achieving emotional well-being. Overall, taking the shame out of naming your emotions allows you to be confident in managing them on your terms.