communication with your partner

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Misunderstanding is the biggest barrier to support

In general, you may find it hard to communicate your needs effectively, let alone during the perinatal and postpartum period: sleepless nights, added responsibilities and a rollercoaster of emotions are now involved. 

Whether you hesitate to express your feelings or needs in fear of being a burden, or if you shout your needs from the rooftops, it can feel like your needs are disregarded. 

A lot of the time, it is a matter of your needs being misunderstood. 

Therapy can be a space where you develop a greater understanding of your needs and a realistic approach to what needs can be met by the people in your life. 

In this space, we can navigate the necessary conversations with your partner and/or other family members to foster a better understanding and empathy.
Suppose you want to improve your communication, enhance your overall relationship, and receive valuable support from your village. In that case, I invite you to book a consultation call to see if I would be the right support to follow you along your journey.