Identity & Role Transition

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Postpartum: the gain of life with the loss of identity.

Going from identifying as an individual to identifying as a father is a huge transition. It's a transition that can leave you feeling burdened, resentful, and regretful. Navigating this new role can be a huge hit to your self-esteem. 

Having the opportunity to reflect on the positive and negative aspects of both your old role and the new role offers a realistic perspective on what creative solutions and strengths of yours can be used to adjust to fatherhood. With clarity, improvement in mood and your ability to cope with stress will follow.

Even though you are adjusting and learning to accept the change, you have the space to mourn the loss of your old identity without judgement. 

This can also be a great opportunity to redefine your social support system, which is helpful during postpartum, and improve your comfortability in communicating the support you will benefit from during this chapter. 

Let's use your free consultation to map out how to navigate this life transition together confidently.