substance use

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When using substances to cope just isn't enough.

Substance use in fathers dealing with postpartum depression is not uncommon. You might use substances to cope with your feelings, escape stress, or numb emotional pain. 

Using substances, whether it's alcohol, drugs, or even excessive tobacco or caffeine, can initially provide a sense of relief. If substance use is the only way you learn to cope with your depression, it can worsen your situation over time.

 You might find that it intensifies guilt, shame, and inadequacy, adding to the emotional burden that postpartum depression already brings. 

This method of coping can interfere with effectively communicating with your family, bonding with your baby, and connecting with your partner – all crucial aspects of navigating parenthood.

We can understand how your thoughts, emotions and substance use behaviours connect in therapy. This will aid in setting realistic goals to reduce or quit your substance use. 

From there, we can develop healthy coping strategies and work towards long-lasting solutions that benefit your well-being and your role as a parent.