Postpartum depression and identity crisis therapy in Ontario

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I'm Chanel.

I have a feeling about why you're here. You've gone through a lot to figure out who you are, facing both good and bad times, hopes, and changes in plans. 

Now, being a parent feels really important, but it's also confusing. You might be feeling sad or worried after having a baby. 

You're struggling with feelings like frustration and fear, and it's hard to see a way out of it. You might feel distant from yourself and the people you care about, which can be really lonely. 

But you're not alone in this.

There's hope in knowing others feel the same way. You're working on finding your purpose and making a better future for your family. 

The next step is finding a place where you can explore who you are without limits. I'm here to help you do that. 

My own experiences and training help me understand and support people like you who are figuring out life as new parents. Seeing you grow and become more confident in yourself is what I care about most.

counselling for parents on the search for themselves

Let's chat about what an authentic therapeutic space means to you.