Couples counselling after a baby

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finding shared meaning in parenthood

discover your values as a couple

What happens to couples after having a baby? Not only is your identity challenged, but the values in your relationship change.

At the core of these sessions is the belief that each partner brings unique truths, perspectives, and hopes, and our goal is to help you navigate these roadblocks in understanding and decision-making for your family.

Everyone's journey towards this role is unique when it comes to identity in parenthood. In couples therapy, the truths of each parent are identified and empathised while being intentionally considered in creating shared values as a unit.

transition into parenthood together

A specialized focus on postpartum depression and anxiety provides another layer of insight into the emotional and physical changes that challenge each parent’s role transition into greater expectations and responsibility.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy and the Gottman Method are evidence-based therapies incorporated into sessions to explore your partnership's unique attributions and strengths. 

This is an authentic space where you can create a roadmap that leads to a destination aligned with your mutually created values.

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