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counselling for postpartum dads

Depression as a new dad often goes overlooked

Postpartum symptoms in dads can show up as irritability and rage. 

It also shows up in increased distraction (checking out) and increased smoking and drinking to deal with stress.

You're probably finding it easier to lose yourself in gaming more and interacting with your family and friends less. 

Anxiety in postpartum is just as common

From panic attacks to racing thoughts to trouble concentrating at work. 

Worrying about your baby's health and safety, along with your concern about being a good father, feels out of your control. 

This can be especially true if the mother of your baby is also experiencing postpartum depression.

Treating postpartum depression and anxiety

Therapy can look like tending to the scar tissue of the past that influences how you navigate your present, and it can also look like hitting the ground running with solutions to the current problems keeping you stuck. 

Besides gaining insight through education and resources that will help you transition to fatherhood, the skills and accomplishments you already possess are recognized and applied to making meaningful change. 

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