counselling for postpartum identity crisis

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nurturing your postpartum identity

Bringing a new life into the world is a profound and transformative experience that can evoke a crisis in your identity - your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

One aspect of your identity you noticed that changed overnight was your social identity. Navigating changes in friendships leaves you questioning which social connections are authentic and when/if you will ever fit back into an existing social group.

A deeper level of postpartum identity is transitioning from your original family to your created family. It will likely bring up conflicting emotions of guilt, shame, anger, or fear. 

Therapy provides a safe space to process and heal from the experiences of insecure attachment, enabling you to redefine yourself beyond the constraints of your past and be confident in the parent you strive to be. 

Understanding yourself can be a crucial piece of forming and maintaining healthy relationships, as the dynamics and boundaries may need to be adjusted for those in the life of your baby, influencing more authentic interaction with these supports as you will gain confidence in your decisions.

Whether it be a shift in your cultural, spiritual, and/or sexual identity, the path to clarity provides a foundation for making choices aligned with your values and goals. 

In this therapeutic space, you’re inspired to embrace self-compassion and cultivate an accepting relationship with yourself as it is today, appreciating what it was yesterday and having hope in its potential tomorrow.

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