What is perinatal mental health?

Perinatal is a term used to describe the period from conception to the first year after birth. Depression is a common experience during this period, but it isn't the only one that can occur. Due to this, the term used to describe distressing feelings during this period is Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs).

Do you only work with fathers?

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders do not discriminate in socioeconomic status, sex, gender, or race. This means that anyone in proximity of care from the conception of a child (or adoption) to the first year of life can benefit from therapy focused on perinatal mental health.

With this said, I also offer support to mothers needing therapeutic care. This includes developing a postpartum care plan, referral to health care services and social support groups, and guidance in communicating your needs to your partner, family and friends. 

 Let's schedule a consultation to envision your therapeutic goals. 

What makes your certification special?

The Perinatal Mental Health Certification (PMH-C) is a universal symbol that highlights the importance and need for specialists in this area of expertise. Completing specialized training and keeping up to date with best practices and standards for perinatal care is important for the well-being of our community. 

What does it mean to be a “Qualifying” Registered Psychotherapist?

Being registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) means I practice with standards meant to protect the public interest. Qualifying means that I practice under the supervision of a qualified supervisor. 

Can you describe the therapy setting?

I have two options for therapy locations:

1. The Hanover office is available on Mondays. Though it is a space shared with other independent therapists, the atmosphere is discrete. To book a session at my Hanover office, click here. 

2.  The Walkerton office is located within The WOMB Bruce County and is available from Tuesday to Friday. This space holds interdisciplinary practitioners specific to perinatal care. The WOMB provides the opportunity to feel a sense of community alongside other Bruce County residents through social engagement (keep in mind our sessions will always be confidential!).  To Book a session at The WOMB, please send an email to  brucecounty@thewomb.ca 

What would my first session look like?

We would schedule an intake appointment after a 15-minute consultation to confirm that Care Cultivator is the right support for your season of life. 

You will be sent assessment and consent forms to complete. These forms will help you understand the benefits and risks of therapy (this is called "informed consent"; you can ask questions throughout the therapeutic relationship. 

The forms will help me understand your unique personal experience and needs. This information will help me create a personalized postpartum care plan and conceptualize your social support system.

Your goals for the length and focus of therapy will shape the structure of subsequent sessions.

What is your rate, and do you take insurance?

The rate for a 50-minute session is $150 + HST.

I accept e-transfer and all major credit cards as forms of payment.

The possibility of services being covered in full or in part will depend on your current health insurance provider or employee benefit plan. Please get in touch with your provider to verify how your plan compensates you for psychotherapy services.

I’d recommend asking these questions to your insurance provider to help determine your benefits:

  • Does my health insurance plan include mental health benefits?
  • Do I have a deductible? If so, what is it and have I met it yet?
  • Does my plan limit how many sessions per calendar year I can have? If so, what is the limit
  • Do I need written approval from my primary care physician for services to be covered? 
Is my privacy considered during video sessions?

The software used during the session is Jane, a platform compliant with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Your data is kept secure as the software is encrypted. 


Book a free 15-minute consultation to discuss any further questions.  I am Looking forward to hearing from you!